´╗┐ The original football coach is to buy a large table

The original football coach is to buy a large table

Running in the football field of the son of football is certainly worthy of coverage, but the sidelines of the suit and coach is GQ STYLE model, all the suits of their roar up completely ignoring the gentleman image, just a circle of investigation to do down, we Found that the original football coach is the function of the table of the "main buyers." The original football coach is to buy a large table Elwie Lerner is the chronograph swiss replica watches the loyal iron powder Some people say that football players are handsome, and their hard work behind a fame Jinshan; some people say that football coaches are important, they are behind the command of a team of the country. Do not know who set the rules, the sidelines coach must wear elegant, so there will be such a seductive scene on the pitch: suits and gentlemen, bishops who walk on the sidelines, that scene is simply "gentleman's character" . The original football coach is to buy a large table Cesare Prandelli absolute watch lovers Through the World Cup, we have done a series of coaches on the watch section of the survey, in front of pictures and data, you have to admit that they are buying a table specialized households, high-end brands, innovative materials, chronograph, classic series , Only they do not want to wear, no they can not afford to wear. It turned out that this is the embodiment of sports + luxury. Fabio Capello on the sidelines serious look and dress so that he looks more like the club's CEO rather than a coach. In all the information we collect and pictures, you can clearly see that he is definitely chronograph advocates. He wore the watch brand from replica watches uk to Breitling, to Glash├╝tte, is definitely a big first-line. Hobbies to wear such a senior watch + time function, the field every second he has to HOLD in mind. Brand suit + casual tie (sometimes with a collar), have become Mourinho's fashion symbol. He chose the suit brand mostly Armani, Ermenegildo Zegna, Hugo Boss these first-line big, wearing a watch naturally have to deserve their own choice, after all, "different" is Columbia's favorite. Yu-ship's BIG BANG is his choice, are their own purchase, appears to be really love. Mancini's "Harry Potter" style scarf worn to make him look very "ICON" of the marginalization, but GUCCI and Armani is also the hearts of his brother's favorite. In all football coach, his watch to choose the most worth talking about, wearing a Richard Mille RM series, more representative of the table models, the material is titanium, wear, low density, light weight, cool colors , And brother himself as "looks cool." He is a few of all the coaches do not wear chronograph, but wearing a piece of "diving" function of stainless steel material rolex replica, perhaps in the "world's most handsome coach" who is a gentleman's character The key to selecting the table, after all, people are not "Fauvism", there is the bones of the gentleman's breath is his first choice of watch "interference factor", even if there is not mixed football circle days, you can also wear watches to mix fashion circles.